I'm glad you are here.

I’m Nora. I love life, human beings and being alone. As your mentor I will guide you to live fully and completely.

That is my Ikigai – my reason for being – and why I get up in the morning:

„With empathy and my ability to understand patterns & see simple solutions, I empower you to be truly yourself & fall in love with life again and again.“

I live that by guiding you 1:1. A new perspective, a challenging question and the right tool can change everything. I guide you through your journey.

I believe in us

You are gifted with something that makes you naturally shine. Something that makes your eyes sparkle, that’s easy for you, sparks deep joy and charges you with energy. In your soul.

The key to your core is already within yourself. It is a deeper truth than „what makes sense“. Many of us lost that key along the way. Because we did all these things that „made sense“. We chose what seemed safe, right and maybe obvious. But does that lead to true happiness?

Crucial to happiness is  determining what lies within. That is the source of joy, love and peace.

That is what we need to rediscover, if we crave happiness. Our essence and our own truth. Nothing outside of ourself – (longing for that raise, new job, partner, baby, proposal, wedding) – will lead to true happiness. No matter how beautiful all these things can be. They are even more beautiful, if our value and our happiness is no longer dependent on them.

To rediscover and reconnect to our soul, we need to be willing to drop security and the „picture perfect visions“. We need to take risks. We need to be courageous. We need to be willing to live fully, and stop running away from anything that feels „uncomfortable“. We need to stop pleasing others and start serving our own true values again. It may seem hard, but it is harder to live a life that is not you. It may seem scary but it is worth it. Authenticity and pure bliss are waiting for you. And big things can be quite simple.

How amazing would it be to live your life fully and completely? A life that fulfils you and brings you happiness? I promise, the journey is worth it.

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