What is your heart's deepest longing?

I’m Nora.

Mentor. Meditation teacher. Your biggest fan.

I love life. As your mentor, I remind your to make your heart’s longing your number one priority.

That is my reason for getting up in the morning:

With empathy and my ability to understand patterns & see simple solutions, I empower you to be truly yourself & fall in love with life again and again.“

I live that by guiding you. A new perspective, a challenging question and the right tool can change everything. I guide you through your journey.

What if life was easy?

You may have a simple answer to the question what your heart’s deepest longing is.

Maybe it’s freedom, calm, love, connection, courage, clarity, joy or peace?

My heart’s longing is calm.

The strategy we choose to get there is often destructive. We think, we need to achieve xyz, then calm will be available. We postpone the realization of our heart’s longing to the future. Does that sound familiar to you?

  • Once I’m self-employed, I will be free.
  • Once I’m no longer sick, I will feel calm to listen to my body.
  • Once I find the right partner, I will experience love.
  • Once I’m a mum or a dad, …

All these outer circumstances are amazing. Even more amazing, if your are nor longer attached to it.

What if freedom, calm, love, connection, courage, clarity, joy and peace is available NOW? For you?

The outer reflects the inner. It’s inside where you find the source of joy, love and calm.

We need to return to experience our heart’s longing. Nothing outside of yourself – the raise, the new job, a new partner, a baby, a proposal, a marriage – can cause or even replace this experience. As sweet as all these things may be.

Everything changed for me as soon as my longing for calm became my priority.

How amazing would it be to live your life fully and completely? A life that fulfils you and brings you joy? I promise, the journey is worth it.