Meet the heros

Your trust is my biggest gift. Thanks a million.

Anika, 26, München

“I liked the Online Meeting regards to closeness and distance. The tasks to finally face the issue was perfect. The way we planned changes for my future and the tools you gave me were simply so on point. The sessions made my worries fade and made me see clearly where I am at, what I want and what I can do. You really heared and understood me.”


Hanna, 30, Berlin

„Nora opened many new doors to MY personal way. There has been situations, when I faced walls, crossroads and valleys. When I reached out to Nora, she opened her heart, took me by the hand and encouraged me to listen to my heart. She gave me the feeling that I am not alone. She helped me finding my Ikigai (which moved me deeply), taught an amazing meditation technique and opened a room for connection in the group coaching, I attended. I always felt safe and could grow. I am deeply grateful to have found such an amazning mentor in Nora. 🙏 Thanks Nora ❤“

Linda, 25, Amsterdam

“I really want to say Thank you. Never have I felt so well understood by someone who is so wide awake and attentive while providing suitable and helpful tools and advice. I am beyond happy to have found you and really grateful for your loving support. 💙 Thank you!! 💙”

Katharina Walter Carrapa, 37, New York City

“I work with Nora since 6 month in 1:1 sessions as well as her group coaching. I like both a lot and benefit from it. I see Nora as a really good listener and that she gives helpful feedback for my situations. She is calm, kind, patient and has a happy and funny nature. That feels good. Even though we explore serious topics it feels very relaxed. It seems like Nora always has an answer, when I am stuck in my thoughts. Due to her guidance and the books she recommended widens my horizon on a weekly basis and that is amazing. Like a continuing awakening.

In our first session, she thought me a mediation technique, that was my favorite. I tried to meditate for 2,5 years, often with an app. That was ok but not comparable to the meditation technique Nora shared with me.

I finally meditate regulary for 20 minutes every morning. Since already 6 months. I sensed the first benefits already after 1-2 weeks:

  • Moments of being her now over and over again.
  • I can use the meditation technique even with my eyes open. That’s how it is integrated in my everyday, to get me back to the present moment, whenever I drift ways in my thoughts or emotions. When I’m e.g. waiting for the subway and realize I will be late, I notice how I first become caught up in anger and the fear of being late, I now notice sooner that I am drifting off and use the technique and am present again.
  • I discover my limiting beliefs in my everyday and can let them go more easily.
  • The relationship with my husband has improved a lot. That is mainly about me being more serene. When I am overwhelmed after a stressful day I used to vent my annoyance and impatience on him without even noticing. Today I notice the annoyance within and can choose consciously to be loving and calm and know what to do myself so that the stress can leave my body.

I don’t want to live without the incredible life changes anymore and that’s why I meditate daily and even try to meditate twice a day.”

Tabea, 21, München

“Nora is a bright and loving woman, who is very compassionate. She asks the right questions and you notice quickly that she has a true interest in supporting you. She created a new perspective for me. She blossoms as a mentor. She focuses on the positive without being naive. You leave in a good mood. Full of hope. :)”