You will arrive the moment you notice that you are already here.
Millions of thoughts. Fear. Heaviness.

Nervosity. Anxiety. Doubts. Worries. Effort. Burn-out. Desires. Hope. Resistance. Dis-ease. Sadness. Seeking myself. Seeking what more to heal. Dependent on everything outside of myself. Certainty that as soon my outer world would change I would feel calm.

  • Once I will be self-employed. (That did not lead to more calm.)
  • Once my boyfriend is sure about being with me. (That did not lead to more calm.)
  • Once my body is fully healed. (That did not lead to more calm.)
  • Once I have moved and grown roots. (That did not lead to more calm.)
Body symptoms as a wake up call

After being diagnosed with MS, I realized it’s about time to take full responsibility for myself. I was sure that I wouldn’t want to be dependent on medication the rest of my life. I left the hospital and started my journey. Taking full responsibility was the key.


Calm was my heart’s deepest longing. I wanted to experience calm. The wake up calls made me realize that calm is nothing to be understood but to be experienced. And that I don’t need to do anything now to experience calm later. Calm is not in he future. Calm is now.

Change of perspective

I stopped seeking calm outside of myself and in the future. My training as a Calm Coach was a simple milestone to have more tools in my toolbox for my clients. That my life would change so much I would never have thought possible.  That life can be that easy I would never have thought possible.

My heart’s longing? Still calm.

This longing is my priority. And my purpose. I’m convinced that our biggest longing carries our purpose.

Life loves me

I still have thoughts. But no longer the expectation they should stop. I take them less seriously. Calm. Calm with my thoughts and emotions. Peace. Ease. Aliveness. Flow. Love. So much love. Joy. So much joy. Learning. Forever and always. An anchor within myself. And everything outside of myself is so much brighter. Because I am no longer dependent on it. So many miracles. In every moment. This calm is truly full of life.

What’s your heart’s longing? Is your longing your priority?