Only you can do it, but you cannot do it all by yourself.

We need each other. We remind each other. We can only wake up together. It’s a joy to share my gift with you and to guide you on your journey.

  • Are you longing for change?
  • Are you longing for clarity??
  • Are you longing for calm?
  • Are you longing for courage?
  • Are you longing for power?
  • Are you longing for confidence?
  • Are you longing for joy?
  • Are you longing for freedom?
  • Are you longing for fulfillment?
  • Are you longing for love?

What if all that is closer than your next breath?

I was always convinced that ALL that is impossible for me. What if it is possible? What if it’s not an either-or-option but you can have ALL of it and you deserve it?

Your guidance
  • 6 month You and Me
  • 8 sessions á ca. 60- 90 minutes
  • tailored homework, to integrate the learnings in your life
  • E-Mail and whatsapp-support for stuck situations, so that you can experience change

890 €
inkl. 25% VAT

Hanna, 30, Berlin

„Nora opened many new doors to MY personal way. There has been situations, when I faced walls, crossroads and valleys. When I reached out to Nora, she opened her heart, took me by the hand and encouraged me to listen to my heart. She gave me the feeling that I am not alone. She helped me finding my Ikigai (which moved me deeply), taught an amazing meditation technique and opened a room for connection in the group coaching, I attended. I always felt safe and could grow. I am deeply grateful to have found such an amazning mentor in Nora. 🙏 Thanks Nora ❤“

More questions?

Where do we meet?

All sessions are online. You are provided a zoom-Link to meet me online 🙂

Can I book a single session?

You can add sessions within the guidance, if you feel you need more than 8.

I do not offer single sessions without guidance as I focus on change and that you experience what your desire in your life.

Why 8 sessions in 6 months?

I focus on change in your life. I can tell you many smart things in one sessions, but you need to live it. That’s why we take time.

The first two month we meet twice. After that only once a month.

During the whole time you have whatsapp-support.

The change takes place in your life and that is my priority. True, sustainable change. 🙂

What can we work on?

We work on what is on your heart. Common topics could be:

  • I’m longing to finally arrive and feel inner peace.
  • I don’t dare to live what I would love to live.
  • I’m often caught in thoughts or emotions.
  • My relationships are conflictual.
  • I feel stressed and what I do seems meaningless.
  • I keep on having physical symptoms and don’t know why.

Together we would explore:

  • What’s the real cause of the stress in your life?
  • What’s the real cause and the mind-based caused of your physical symptoms?
  • What is holding you back?

With the techniques and tools I’ve studied, we find solutions and clear things that keep holding your back.

If you are currently building your business, I can support you with my marketing and website knowledge.

If you want to get in touch, reach out today and book your free Discovery Call: +45 50 39 11 10

Which methods are you using?

I use different tools depending on what you want and need. I always involve you in my decision making and we decide together which tools are right for you.

The foundation of my work is often (not always) rooted in meditation. (I am among others a Calm Coach by Sandy C. Newbigging) With the strategy of rooting my work in meditation, I do reach the most sustainable results as my clients become more present and see their limiting beliefs faster, instead of getting lost in them. Meditation can be so easy and effective. Once we change the relationship with life, everything changes. 🙂 That is not only the experience in my work but also in my own life. 🙂

Every one is individual so I always vary the tools.

How does the guidance work?

I guide you for six month.

First we explore your desires. What you want more or less of in your life.

Then we plan how you could get there and most importantly how you could stay there. I can assure you, you are closer at your longing than it might seem.

In 8 sessions we work on your desires, goals and explore limiting beliefs that might hold you back.

In between I am here to support you in integrating the learned or unlearned in your life 🙂

I am your biggest fan.

How does the whatsapp-support work?

We often have many bright moments during a session. And then life happens. And we forget. There are challenges again and we fall in old patterns or habits. The change happens in your everyday. That where I support you.

How quick I respond? Try me 🙂

Text me on Whatsapp: +45 50 38 11 10

Why are you a mentor?

I was probably a born mentor. 😉

Jokes aside: I wanted to guide people already when I was a teenager and had a dream that everyone should do what they are best in. It was a shock to see that this is not the case. After taking the one or the other necessary detour, I am more calm and relaxed than ever. My priority is my calm and that is the purpose of my work. I encourage you to prioritize your heart’s longing. Whatever that may be.

beiseite: ich wollte bereits als Teenager Menschen begleiten und hatte den Traum: Jeder soll das machen, worin er am Besten ist. Es war ein Schock für mich, als ich erfahren habe, dass so die Welt bisher nicht läuft. Nachdem ich selbst den ein oder anderen Umweg nahm, bin ich jetzt entspannter denn je und natürlicher in meinem Arbeitsleben als je zuvor. Meine Priorität ist in erster Linie innere Ruhe. Und genau das ist der Sinn meiner Arbeit. Andere Menschen dazu zu ermutigen ihren Herzenswunsch auch zu ihrer Priorität zu machen. Was auch immer das ist.

I can't meditate / I meditate already.

Both is fine! 🙂

The meditation technique I teach is only one out of many. It is the One for me. After years of on-off-meditation the first one that really works. I finally meditate daily and feel a difference. It is incredibly simple, down to earth and you can do it with eyes opened and closed. That means there is no longer a seperation between my “spiritual morning meditation” and “the real life” as I can bring my meditation along. 🙂

I know everyone can meditate and if you already use meditation for you, I’m looking forward to share. You never stop learning. 🙂

How do I know if I should work with you?

You probably do have a feeling already.

To put an end to all uncertainty, I offer a free Discovery Call. The guidance is based on trust for both of us. Therefor it’s important to me to fully commit to our time together.

In the free Discovery Call we explore your challenges and how I could support you.

Let’s find out. Text me on whatsapp: +45 50 38 11 10

I can’t wait to get to meet you. 🙂

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay monthly with a charge of 8%.

The monthly payments amount to 160€.

More questions?

Just text me on whatsapp: +45 50 38 11 10

I can’t wait to get to meet you. 🙂