We should relearn to listen to each other. What hinders us to do that? I assume it is the compulsion of doing and having forgotten how to just be.

We listen to answer. Our mind does not stop, when we listen. We continue performing. We want to solve the problem of the other person. We want to have a smart answer. We want to tell about us and how we experienced something similar. What happens if we would truly listen? If we give our full presence to the other? If we meet everyone as an incredibly wise storyteller? No matter who sits ahead of us: child, grandmother or stranger.

What could we learn, if we would really give ourselves to the other and their story? If we allow ourselves to be touched, no matter if it is a small anecdote, a happy or a sad story? If we just give space to the other’s story, so that it is heard. If we let go of the effort to answer in a certain way, to perform and be seen in a certain way. It is really selfish to listen to be heard. And on top of that it is doomed to fail.

I want to get better at both. I will practice listening to give space to the other. And I will ask to be heard, if I need it.

Cheers to looking at each other. Cheers to listening to each other wholeheartedly. Cheers to letting our mind rest sometimes.

We don’t need to prove ourselves when listening.

We don’t need to prove ourselves, ever.