What started with a headache and a limited field of vision turned into a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and a serious wake-up call. After a fearful few days waiting in the hospital during Christmas, I received the diagnosis that I was presenting the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and told that I needed to start taking medication the next day.

When I asked how long I would need to take the medicine, the doctor simply replied with: “For the rest of your life.”

I knew for sure, that I did not want to follow the advice of taking MS medication for the rest of my life. I believed I did not have MS and this was a symptom of something I needed to figure out during the next few month.

With this knowing I left the hospital to discover what this was really about.

I took responsibility and mobilized my family to support me. Support me by googling, finding alternative suggestions, learn about what we don’t know yet because I was too afraid and too weak to read all about this “disease” that (supposedly) didn’t even have a cause.

A “coincidence” led me to the most wonderful doctor that was also a naturopath and an osteopath. I showed him my brain scans, he checked my blood under the microscope and he discovered many other things to cause my headache and the visual nerve infection: compromised immune system, borreliosis, lack of Vitamin D, over-acidification and last but not least mechanical issues. He was also pretty clear that all this was being caused by stress. I felt the biggest relief.

Yes, I had lots to take care of, but I also had so much more clarity. I started to support my body on the physical level with nutrition, supplements and regular treatments by an osteopath. On top of that I ordered 10 books on Amazon – to see if any spoke to me. Body Calm surely did. I sent 9 books back and stuck to Body Calm and was amazed by every word. It made so much sense and brought even more relief.

A key moment when reading the book was the question: What would perfect health give you? The literal notes from my notebook: Calm. If I would be healthy I could finally be calm and listen to my body. There I was. Already there. In the best moment to listen to my body. And I was doing it already.

Encouraged by Sandy’s suggestion to meditate as much as possible, especially if you are sick, I did so. The Body Calm Thoughts were never really far away. I had many Body Calm sittings and many Body Calm Moments during the day. I did my best to embody them. Yes, they did not always feel true – all the time – but they somehow absorbed my fear.

First blood test
Blood test after 6 weeks

After 6 weeks I returned to my doctor and he checked my blood under the microscope again. Then he checked the calendar. He could not believe that I had just shown up 6 weeks earlier and the blood was so much better already. He said it would often take 2 years to heal all these physical issues listed above.

“Is there anything else you did?”, my doctor asked. “Yes, I meditated loads.“ “Then the result make sense.”, the doctor responded.

What I found in this journey was that the desire for calm has been my driver forever. Just in the wrong order. Until then, calm was always in the future. When I’ll get the new job, when I will be self-employed, when I’ll go on vacation, when I’ve moved, when my body is healthy, then I will be calm. I’ve since discovered that calm is not for the future. Calm is now.

I’m beyond grateful that I finally chose calm first during that wake up call. First Calm, then the things. I am so happy to be alive, healthy and to decided to dedicate myself to bringing more calm to the world by training as a Calmologist in Sandy’s Academy and support people.

If you have the desire for more calm, let me know and I am happy to support you. The Discovery Call is free. 🙂