We all carry something that makes us unique. That distinguishes us from others. Often we eventually start to hide our difference. Usually, that happens quite early in life. We are afraid of being wrong or not normal. And yet that what makes us different is often our greatest treasure. Our gift. Our superpower. The superpower to make a unique difference in the world. The superpower to touch people, move people and ultimately move the world.

What is your superpower?

Are you a good listener? Do you love to paint, make music, read books? Do you recognize the big picture where others can only see a part? Do you love numbers or writing? And at some point you may have stopped, because it was „better“ being louder instead of quiet, better being quieter instead of loud, better being outgoing and partying instead of reading books, better being gossiping instead of seeing the bigger picture? Better being someone else instead of you? Just to fit in and belong?

Remember and stop hiding

Do exactly what you loved so much and stopped doing just to belong. Remember it, pour your soul into it again and let your soul blossom through it. It’s so exhausting to shut down this part within you and live without it. It costs an infinite amount of energy to permanently suppress your superpower. And it costs even more energy when you are no longer aware that you are suppressing it. It is so exhausting to constantly try to please someone and try being someone you are not.

You are best, when you are you.