With this post I want to express my love and gratitude for meditation. I am a meditation teacher and my desire is, that meditation becomes as normal as brushing teeth. I am in deep gratitude towards my meditation teachers and happy to bring more meditation into our world.

„Meditation is not for me.“
„I can’t meditate.“
„Meditation is for monks and nuns.“
„I am not calm enough to meditate.“
„I always think while I meditate.“
„I always fall asleep.“

This list is endless…

Everyone can meditate. Everyone should meditate. Except babies.

Why? Why do we need this practice?

I choose the word practice on purpose. Meditation is a practice. Meditation is an exercise. I explain that further as you continue reading.

Meditation is only necessary, as we live in this world where it is all about „better, higher and more“. We are addicted to doing and consider ourselves only good enough when we perform. Being is out and when we don’t do, we feel useless.

I guess it’s for a reason why it is called human being rather than human doing.

Our natural state

When you were born, you were deeply connected to this beingness, to your natural state. You met every moment with curiosity, presence, fascination and total amazement. You laughed, when you felt like it, and you cried, when you had a need.

Slowly, slowly, you developed a belief system, that covers that natural state of being present. The core of this belief system is: „There is something wrong with me.“

That feeling is unbearable. We all try to avoid it. With our own strategy. That is exhausting and we lose a lot of energy.

We conclude, to no longer speak our truth, as daddy knows it better anyway and we don’t have a voice. We conclude, not to be angry, but well-behaved, to make mummy, daddy and others happy to get love and appreciation. We learn to please others and seek love, appreciation and happiness outside of ourselves.

We lose the ability to be ourselves and forget our natural simpleness

We almost constantly react to everything outside of ourselves: In many cases it starts already in the mornings. The first touch might be the phone and we are fully in reaction mode. Speaking from experience, I banned my phone from my bed room and first turn it on a couple of hours after getting up.

We tend to lose ourselves fully in this reaction mode, so that we also react to all the thoughts and emotions that may appear. Not only that we believe they are true and fully embody the thoughts and feelings, we sort of become the voice in our heads.

Ok, made sense so far? But why meditating?

We train our awareness muscle.

Meditation can help us to get back in the driver’s seat. To switch from reaction mode to action mode. To decide again, what you want and don’t want.

Meditation is, as I mentioned, a practice. We practice presence. Meditation is not about total inner calmness. It is about training to be able to identify, when we are unconscious and in reaction mode to then simply switch to become conscious again.

With meditation, we rise above our thoughts and remember our essence. We learn to act from consciousness instead of our belief system, that tells us all the things that are wrong in our lives.

We do not aim to stop thinking. We rather become the master of our thoughts and choices again. That is where true freedom starts. We choose again, how to use our mind instead of being used by our mind and trapped in reaction mode.

„What you are aware of you can control,
what you are not aware of is often in control of you.“
Anthony de Mellow

Meditation helps to heal our old belief system.

The meditation techniques that I teach are constructed in a way to make our brain waves coherent again. Thereby they also cleanse our belief system and thereby our nervous system on a physical level.

That is why meditation is not what many might think: Sitting calmly without thoughts and emptiness in our minds.

It is not at all about, that thoughts and emotions should dissolve. It is all about how you react on them.

We are humans. We have thoughts and emotions. It is inevitable. If we wait to the day, where thoughts and emotions are finally gone, we will probably wait until our last day. As well as the exhausting trial to think positively… We have 100.000 thoughts a day. If it works well half of it are positive. Even if we try hard to have 10.000 more positive thoughts…

That is a strain if you ask me and it is about time to become aware, that we are not our thoughts but we have thoughts.

When we cleanse our nervous system through our meditation practice, following natural byproducts can arise:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Worries and anxiety
  • Restlessness in the body
  • Physical sensations
  • Weird dreams
  • Calm, Peace, Joy (all the good stuff ;))

All these are signs that your meditation is working, not that it is NOT working. It is a sign that old stress, that is stored in your body is released and healed.

Brain changes due to neuroplasticity: less stress, more empathy, focus and relaxation

There are thousands of exciting studies to show how meditation is impacting our body and life. Here is a list of things that I noticed myself:

  • I am more relaxed.
  • I am more focused and better in doing one thing after the other.
  • I am more present in my everyday.
  • I feel free, as I am less identified with my old belief system and don’t follow every thought or emotion.
  • My relationships are more relaxed, as I am more relaxed.
  • I have more courage and less fear.
  • I am more often in flow.

The amygdala – our „fear-center“ or that part of the brain, that controls the fight/flight response, gets provably smaller. We are less in hight alert and therefore less anxious. That was one of my biggest meditation successes. I was almost always in hight alert and always ready for the attack of a potential tiger. Always stressed about, what should or could happen next. Meditation is a winner to become more serene.

Flowing with life instead of pushing or pulling.

I tend to be really fast and impatient and that is why I keep on reminding myself: Don’t push the river.

Meditation is a huge help for me. Through meditation I have times every day, where I neither push nor pull, but simply practice to observe. The more I practice meditation, the more I can see that I push or pull less in my everyday.

The beautiful thing about meditation is that it changes your inner state. Even though the environment stays the same. That is pure freedom for me. I am not so dependent of what happens around me anymore.

No time to meditate?

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy.
Then you should sit for an hour
Old Zen Saying

Sounds good! How do I start?

  1. Every day – habit is king
    Take your time. I recommend twice a day at least 10 minutes. Rather 20. Personally, I try to sit 20 minutes, twice a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
  2. Find your perfect time
    It does not matter if you meditate in the morning, lunch, afternoon, or evening, as long as you meditate. I meditate every morning and in the afternoon. The afternoon session is really important for me, as I need to break my reaction mode. If I am too much in my head, I do a little workout before to ground myself.
  3. Your position is perfect
    The most important thing is: be relaxed. Sit as you feel like and if you feel like lying, that is fine. You neither have to sit on the floor nor in a lotus. Get comfortable.
  4. Notice what happens – all is perfect
    Become aware of your thoughts and emotions. See the story that your mind is telling you and choose the present moment. That requires practice and is exactly what I teach in my meditation sessions. Identifying old stories can be quite individual, and I am beyond happy, if I can guide you.
  5. Enjoy the moment after
    The moment where you open your eyes – like a mental shower, all fresh and a new view on the world. Everything is a bit more beautiful.

Happy meditating and much love,

If you have any questions, please reach out. I am happy to hear from you.